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Monday, December 19, 2016


Veterans in the Anniversary
Our Managing Trustee Sgt.R.Chellappa -veteran Addressing the gathering.
10 Toppers- Selvi K.Krishnaveni receiving award from Smt. Leela.
Smt.Philomina and Hony.Captain Chelladurai being Honoured.
Selvi Chitra being given Gift and cash award by our Managing Trustee
Selvi M.Chellammal being given Gift and cash award .
    Three Handicapped Childran being given Gifts and Cash award  by Our CPL. M.Velu, veteran.
Selvi Apparna being given gift by Smt.Leela.
Subedar P.Subramaniam proposing for a Retirement Home for Ex-servicemen.
                                 EXWEL TRUST 
Date:18.12.2016 Sunday. Time. 10.00 AM
Venue: Mani Mahal, Santhinagr, Palayamkottai 627002

Presided by
Sgt.R.Chellappa, Veteran
Managing Trustee, Exwel Trust.

Programme at 10.00 AM

Homage to our Beloved Chief Minister. Selvi J.Jayalalitha
Thamil Thai Vazhthu By Selvan.Manikandan & Selvi Kaviya.

Welcome Address By: Hon.Flt.Lt.M.Packia Natarajan (Retd.)

The services of the Exwel Trust for the past 10 years.
By: Sgt.R.Chellappa, Veteran, Managing Trustee.
Sgt.S.Kanthiah, Veteran, Chief Liaison Officer.
Hon.Flt.Lt.Packia Natarajan, Chief Admin Officer,
Sgt.C.Muthukrishnan, Financial Trustee.

Distribution of Scholarships.
Assistance to Differently able Children
Honoring the Senior Citizens and Guests.
1.      Writing of Will Birth Cert and related matters: by Shri K.Ganapathy, Retd. Registrar.
2.      Pension related Question Answer and Power Point presentation.By Sgt.S.Kanthiah.
3.      Screening of our Website and explanation by Sgt.C.Muthukrishnan.

Lunch Break at 1.30 PM
Re-assembly after lunch at 2.30PM

Question Answers on Pension By Sgt.S.Kanthiah.
Power Point Presentation on Pension and ECHS & 7 CPC

1.      Verification of Pension. On Computer.
2.      Printing of Pension arrears.

The Function started at 10.45 AM. With Homage to our beloved
Chief Minister Selvi.J.Jayalalitha.

Other events followed as per the programme.

Three mentally retarded children were given gifts and cash award.

A Number of guests were honoured.

Pension arrears print out was given to more than 20 pensioners.

Our website was screened in a projector and explained in detail.

Shri K.Ganapathy gave a detailed lecture on Will and its importance and latest news on
e-property pass book.

List of Guest and some photographs are published.


1.      Selvi M.Chellammal +2 Student of Ganthimathi Girl’s Hr.Sec. School, High Ground.
D/O Mr.Murugan.

By Lt.Col.P.Shyam Prasath Paliath, O i/c ECHS Polyclinic, Tirunelveli Rs.2000.
Sgt.C.Muthukrishnan will hand over on his half.

2.      Selvi Gomathi  D/O Smt.Vijayalakshmi  Chudidhar. By Sgt.S.Kanthiah.

3.      Selvi Aparna, D/O Shri Marichamy.  Chudidhar  By Hon.Flt.Lt.M.P.Natarajan.

1.      Hon.Capt.Chelladurai. By R.Chellappa
2.      Smt.Philomina By Smt.Leela
3.      Shri K.Ganapathy, By C.Muthukrishnan
4.      Shri Sivagnanam By R.Chellappa
5.      Shri Ramaiah By Hon.Flt.Lt.M.P.Natarajan.
6.      Shri Sub.Ramakrishnan By C.Muthukrishnan
7.      Smt.Kamala  By Smt.Sarswathi.
8.      Shri MWO Thangaraj by C.Muthukrishnan
9.      Shri Wg.Cdr.P.J.Victor. By R.Chellappa.
10.  Sub.P. Subramanian, By Sgt.R.Chellappa.
11.  Shri Balasubramanian, A well Wisher.
12.  Smt.Jaya W/O Mr.Balasubramanian By Smt.Kamala.
13.  Shri Nambi, SBI Pensioners Association Tvl. By C.Muthukrishnan
14.  Shri C.Ramamoorthy. SC By Sgt.R.Chellappa.
15.  Shri. AIR Arumugam. From Chennai By Sgt.C.Muthukrishnan
16.  Sub.Kesavaraj, Secy. Kovilpatti Assn. By Sgt.R.Chellappa
17.  Sgt.Kanagaraj, Surandai. Social Worker. By S.Kanthiah.
18.  Hav.Ganesh Kumar,  By Sgt.R.Chellappa.
19.  Sri Ira.Narumbunathan, Writer . By Sgt.C.Muthukrishnan.
20.  Hav.Sankaran, Nursing Asst. ECHS (Retd.)
21.  Smt.Lt.Col.Valliammal (Retd.) By Smt.Kamala.
22.  Hon.Capt.Arumugam, Vannikonendal. By Flt.Lt.Natarajan.
23.  Hav.Kandasamy of Kovilpatti. By Sgt.S.Kandiah.
24.  Sgt.Pattamuthu, Social Worker. By Sgt.C.Muthukrishnan

Full Details will be published later.

Please visit our ;  site for more details. 

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